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National Electric Coil
Stephen Jeney
6147 East Sarazen St. SE
Olympia, WA  98513
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Company Description:

Over the last 100 years, National Electric Coil's has been known to many in the power generation sector as a stator winding manufacturer for both hydrogenerators and turbogenerators. Today, its production facilities are configured to manufacture any type of stator winding, from multi-turn or diamond coils to the inner-cooled Roebel bars for largest the turbogenerators. NEC makes effective use of machines and people in its manufacturing processes. Where process automation makes sense, it is used to assist in efficient production; where a special attention to detail is required, a skilled workforce applies its skills. NEC also has a fully-equipped Research & Development Laboratory, as well as fully-equipped testing facilities supporting its Quality Management System. Every NEC coil or bar is fully-tested, before it to the customer’s site.

NEC’s premier stator coil and bar design utilizes a proven, Class F, epoxy mica insulation system, NECCOBond-E.  The NECCOBond Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI) line has been offered by NEC for many years, initially as a Class F polyester mica insulation system.  However, in the last twenty years, NEC upgraded its design to a Class F epoxy system, hence the “E” in NECCOBond-E.

Our conservative design approach, high-quality manufactured materials, methods and processes, combined with our extensive R&D development program and routine and type testing, all contribute to making long-term reliability for your generator possible. All of NEC’s manufacturing locations and both our VPI and Resin-Rich manufacturing processes are ISO 9001-certified.

NEC’s individually VPI’d coils and bars manufactured with the NECCOBond-E epoxy mica insulation system, a proven insulation system that meets accepted, worldwide industry design standards. Since this time, NEC has developed an unparalleled record for reliability in the new stator windings it has manufactured and installed, and this record surpasses that of many major OEM’s. Stator windings are available with options for utilizing paint or tape gradient systems.

To suit other customer needs and applications, NEC also manufactures conventionally-cooled windings with its hot-press, resin-rich manufacturing process. The multi-turn coils and Roebel bars made with its NECCOPress hot-press, resin-rich process are best suited for applications where product cost will need to be balanced against an acceptable degree of product reliably. Often, this may be the best option for owners of motors and generators that are rated up to 30 MW and operate at voltages up to 11 kV. Diamond coils can also be made with flexible end turns (NECCOFlex) for ease of installation in narrow bore units.

Many other companies offer resin-rich windings. However, for optimal reliability, care should be exercised by purchasers when selecting a manufacturer. There are many low-cost producers of these types of windings that have little or no investment in engineering design, process and quality management or manufacturing equipment. NEC has made the investments in its manufacturing equipment, quality management systems and research, and the quality and versatility of its winding designs and the resulting product quality reflect this. As with its VPI coils, all coils meet are individually factory tested before shipment.

Once the finished winding is delivered at site, NEC’s experienced Generator Services Group personnel install the coils or bars into the unit’s stator.  They also can be involved with various field services for turbo and hydro units upgrades and repairs, such as inspections and testing, stator core and frame repairs, stator core restacks, core re-qualifications, hydro frame re-rounding, hydro rotor rim shrinks, and pole removal and reinstallation. Additionally, NEC’s service facilities are fully-equipped for the testing, repair, refurbishment and overhaul of rotors, rotating exciters and moveable stators for both two-pole and salient pole units. Few independent manufacturers and service providers are capable of offering the comprehensive, OEM-equivalent complement of services and manufacturing that NEC can.

Product Information:
NEC provides comprehensive manufacturing and services for the overhaul, retrofit and repair of turbogenerator and hydrogenerator units. This includes stator and rotor winding manufacture, inspection and testing services, stator and rotor rewinds, core restacks at the owner’s site and a wide range of repair, retrofit, refurbishment and overhaul services for hydro rotors and poles, two-rotors and rotating exciters at NEC’s service facilities.

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