Central Service Association
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Central Service Association
P.O. Box 3480
93 S. Coley Road
Tupelo, MS  38803-3480
United States
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Company Description:

Headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi, CSA is a leading utility service association focused primarily in the southeast United States. Founded in 1938, CSA is owned and controlled by the over 100 utilities that use the services of the Association. We align ourselves with our members as partners to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives in an efficient and highly effective manner. What began as a billing service has grown into a member-owned association offering a comprehensive range of modern, computerized information systems to assist in all areas of utility operations and management.

Our Orbit suite of customer information, financial and work management systems, combined with our cutting-edge business portal, customer portal, meter data management and analysis, mobile service orders, and more represent the latest technology in utility IT. UtiliTrak, our GIS engineering system, provides an environment for utilities to precisely map and display their infrastructure relative to other mapped features. The Association also offers professional and consulting services, networking, Internet services, hardware and software sales, related supplies and printed forms, employee benefits, and other assistance needed in support of public utilities.


Products/Services: CIS/Billing Equipment and Services
Data Management Systems
Mapping, GIS