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Thompson Coburn, LLP
1909 K Street NW Suite 600
Washington, DC  20006-1167
United States
Phone: 202-585-6900
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Thompson Coburn’s utility attorneys understand the forces that are changing the energy supply industries. Our utility partners have decades of combined experience in this highly specialized area of law. They provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary legal services to a variety of suppliers and purchasers, including municipal and cooperative utility systems, municipal joint action agencies, gas systems and local distribution companies, and renewable energy companies.

Our firm represents utility and non-utility parties in formal adjudications before federal and state regulatory commissions and courts, as well as in the various types of informal stakeholder procedures that have become common in organized markets operated by regional transmission organizations.

Our attorneys have analyzed numerous clients’ compliance with electric utility reliability standards that are mandatory and enforceable under the Federal Power Act.  This includes drafting and assisting with the implementation of internal compliance programs, procedures and guidelines designed to ensure ongoing compliance with the new standards; developing and presenting customized training programs related to the standards; assisting clients with preparation for compliance audits; and representing clients in communications with entities responsible for compliance auditing and enforcement.

In addition, attorneys in our Unmanned Aircraft Systems practice can provide counsel to utilities on the expanded use of UAS (or drones) in the industry.

Extended Description:

For more than 80 years, Thompson Coburn has provided the high-caliber legal services and counsel our clients demand to achieve their most critical business goals. Throughout our history, we have been guided by our philosophy of giving our clients straightforward, practical and economical solutions to their legal challenges and business demands, no matter how complex. We put this philosophy into practice every day, for every client, whether a multinational corporation or private individual. 

With 380 lawyers and 40 practice areas, we serve clients throughout the United States and abroad. Whether helping with an employment issue, navigating a complex acquisition, or defending a product or service in litigation, we have the knowledge and resources to meet any legal requirement.  Offices: Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Southern Illinois, Washington, D.C. 

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