Collaborative Learning, Inc./Collaboration Unlimited
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Collaborative Learning, Inc./Collaboration Unlimited
John Miner
R. John Miner & Jillian S. Wolfe
7900 Monona Ave.
Austin, TX  78717-5311
United States
Phone: 512-506-9007
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Company Description:

Collaboration Unlimited specializes in management and technical consulting services to public power and municipal utilities. Services include governance/policymaking, strategic/operational planning, organizational development and performance improvement, management/operational assessments, and litigation support. Collaborative Learning, Inc. provides a wide range of education/training, organizational development, management/decision-making software, and facilitation services. Short course and seminar topics include governance, management/leadership, values/ethics, project management, electric utility industry fundamentals, electrical distribution, and electrical safety.

Products/Services: Human Resources
Management Consulting
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