Utility Response Training Associates
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Utility Response Training Associates
PO Box 101
Oak View, CA  93065
United States
Phone: 530-282-6280
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Company Description:

A traditional approach to emergency response and damage mitigation may not be adequate in today’s world for the utility industry.  Climate change and an increased level of scrutiny from the public and regulatory agencies as well as global threats have changed the game.

Utility Response Training Associates, LLC (URTA) brings together a cadre of professionals with National and International experience in Incident Management, Incident Command System (ICS) training and exercise development.

We provide facilitation and delivery solutions that are compliant with the Incident Command System (ICS).   This response and coordination system was implemented nationwide after the September 11, 2001 attacks.   

ICS is a time-proven and nationally accepted system that provides a systematic and proactive approach for government agencies and private sector companies to work seamlessly together during an emergency.  This could be caused by infrastructure damage, power outages, electric generation disruptions or any other emergency incident impacting routine, daily processes of your utility.

URTA provides ICS training and Incident Management Team recommendations and development and will provide incident-specific support and Subject Matter Expertise that deploy with you during incidents for ICS advice and guidance.

We specialize in reviewing your utility’s current Emergency Management response process and recommend a training and exercise program that is ICS compatible based on your company’s policies, procedures and organizational structure. 

As our company motto reads, “Bridging ICS and Utilities”.

Products/Services: Management Consulting
Mutual Aid
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