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Soltex, Inc.
Mike Bonn
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Soltex supplies a broad range of compounds and dielectric fluids to improve the reliability of transformers and underground cable systems.

Our high-performance products, backed by extensive technical expertise and responsive service, have made Soltex the resource trusted by major transformer and cable manufacturers, utilities and electrical contractors.  Our partners, Midel and Ergon produce the highest quality transformer fluids available. Our world-class plant in Belleville, ON, produces underground cable fluids to meet the most demanding requirements. It also allows us the flexibility to custom-manufacture solutions for your individual requirements. Together with our advantages in raw material sourcing and highly skilled plant personnel, Soltex and its partners have the production capabilities and service to help you achieve your product performance and business objectives.

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The Midel Range of transformer liquids
MIDEL has been leading the way in the development and deployment of ester-based transformer liquids since the 1970s. Selected by utilities and transformer manufacturers across the globe, MIDEL synthetic and natural ester liquids are acknowledged for their excellent fire safety and environmental protection properties, and their ability to extend the life of transformer cellulose insulation. 

Is your transformer a piece of critical equipment? Is it located in a fire or environmentally sensitive location? What would be the consequence of asset failure? MIDEL’s properties drive both installation savings as well as mitigating the risk of damage to life, property and the environment.
High fire point – delivering unsurpassed fire safety, saving on fire protection costs
Biodegradable – protecting the environment and reducing containment costs
Low pour point – our synthetic ester is the premier liquid for colder climates 
High moisture tolerance – extending cellulose insulation life and reducing overall total cost 
of ownership
Used in mainstream distribution and power transformers worldwide (MIDEL 7131 is proven up to 433kV), MIDEL transformer liquids enable transformer manufacturers to develop innovative transformer designs for specific applications or locations. Examples include smaller transformers or transformers able to operate at higher loading compared to mineral oil; delivering real benefits in traction transformers, wind turbine transformers and mobile power transformers. In addition, transformers can be run at higher temperatures, producing higher grade usable waste heat. MIDEL natural and synthetic esters offer a game-changing alternative to conventional transformer oils.

MIDEL protects life, property and the environment. It saves money while enabling innovation. It’s MIDEL. It’s safety inside.

Which MIDEL?
The MIDEL family of transformer liquids comprises MIDEL eN 1215, MIDEL eN 1204 and MIDEL 7131. The “eN” prefix denotes natural esters, which are formulated using renewable base oils from different seed crops, whilst MIDEL 7131 is a synthetic ester fluid. 
MIDEL eN 1215 is formulated from soybean grown in the USA. This product is a very cost effective general purpose liquid, ideally suited to non free-breathing distribution and power transformers for use in temperate climates or indoors. 
MIDEL eN 1204 is formulated from rapeseed oil. It has a pour point around 13°C lower than the soy-based natural ester - making it a better choice in cooler climates. In common with ALL natural esters on the market, both MIDEL eN 1204 and MIDEL eN 1215 are best suited for use in non free-breathing equipment.
MIDEL 7131 is specifically formulated to be a fire safe, high performance liquid which provides all the benefits of an ester-based liquid, but is also extremely robust. It is the liquid of choice when the performance demands on the transformer fluid are higher, especially if located in a cold climate or when there is a risk of contact with air. In addition to being suitable and widely used for distribution and power transformers, MIDEL 7131 is also ideal for high temperature, breathing type equipment. It has a long track record in demanding applications such as wind turbines and rolling stock, and is proven up to 433KV.

MIDEL 7131, MIDEL eN 1204 and MIDEL eN 1215 are all biodegradable.
Global experience with ester fluids
With operations in the UK, USA, Europe, the Middle East, China, India and South Africa, MIDEL’s reputation as a trusted, global brand continues to grow. With further innovations underway, MIDEL continues to spearhead the adoption and development of ester transformer liquids.

MIDEL’s engineers and chemists have built close working relationships with end users and the major transformer manufacturers. They are also active in IEEE, CIGRÉ and IEC working groups and regularly undertake extensive projects with industrial associations and academic bodies. Such depth of experience allows the MIDEL team to provide an unrivalled level of expert technical guidance.

Ergon HyVolt - Insulating Oils
Ergon’s HyVolt products are genuine naphthenic insulating oils meeting the requirements of both IEC 60296:2012 general specifications and special applications and ASTM D3487-2016. HyVolt products have a very low pour point, excellent oxidation stability, and electrical properties making them suitable for the most demanding requirements set by leading global transformer manufacturers.

Electrical insulating oil / transformer oil for: power and distribution transformers, switch gears and circuit breakers.

Ergon’s HyVolt products fully meet the following international specifications:
- IEC 60296:2012, general requirements and special applications, including full declaration of additives
- ASTM D3487–16 including full declaration on additives per Section 4.4

- Superior Oxidation Stability Low acid and sludge formation when tested to ASTM D2440 and IEC 61125
- High Dielectric Strength Dielectric strength exceeding the most stringent international requirements
- Excellent Cooling Properties Made from wax free naphthenic crude which gives a naturally low pour point (typical -64°C) without the use of a pour point depressant
- Miscibility Ergon’s line of HyVolt Oils is fully miscible with insulating oils meeting the requirements set by IEC 60296:2012 and ASTM D3487-16

HyVolt I is uninhibited, HyVolt II and III contain one antioxidant inhibitor, BHT, which is part of the approved list of inhibitors per ASTM D3487 and IEC 60296 and is detected per ASTM D2668. HyVolt products contain no other additives, such as those listed below:

- PCB Free
Tested as per IEC 61619:1997
- DBDS Free
Detection method using GC-AED
- Passivator Free
Tested as per IEC 60666:2010
- Metal Deactivator Free
Detection method using HPLC / GC-MS
- Silicon Free

Production Technique
Ergon produces its insulating oils by distillation of virgin naphthenic crude followed by a modern, high pressure, severe hydrotreating process. All processes are closely monitored and final product is subject to approval from qualified personnel. No re-refined or reclaimed oils are used in Ergon’s production.


Alkylate/polybutene-based insulating cable oils that meet AEIC standards, are
compatible with materials of construction, and provide optimum high oxidative/
thermal stability during manufacture and protection in service.
Low power factor, high dielectric strength, excellent oxidation stability,
exceptional resistance to gassing under electrical stress, and superior heat
dissipation. Excellent conductive heat transfer properties improve cooling.
- Underground power cables
- Paper-insulated oil-filled power cables
- High pressure pipe-type cables
- Force cooled high pressure pipe-type cables
- Low and high viscosity impregnate for paper insulated and lead
sheathed cables
- Hollow core self-contained cables
- Oil-filled submarine cables
- High voltage splice kits
- Vacuum impregnated tapes
- Custom designed joint kits
- Oil filled splice kits
- Pothead filling compound
- On-site representation to oversee product testing and logistics
- Authoring manuals covering requirements for dielectric fluid handling
- Working closely with the majority of utilities, cable manufacturers and
electrical contractors in North America to meet their specific delivery needs

Grade Cable Application
Insulating Fluids
DF 45/Electrifill 3788 Hollow core submarine cable
DF 100/Electrifill 100 Convection and force cooled high pressure pipe type
Low pressure hollow core self-contained
DF 500/Electrifill 500 Convection and force cooled high pressure pipe type
PB 6E/0CS Convection and force cooled high pressure pipe type
Low pressure hollow core self-contained
PB 8E/06CS Convection and force cooled high pressure pipe type
Electrifill 2288 Low pressure hollow core self-contained
PB 015E/Electrifill 015CS Low viscosity for paper insulated PILC and pipe-type
PB 32E/Electrifill 30CS High viscosity for high pressure pipe type
DF 3000 Low viscosity for paper insulated pipe type
Soltexfill NDC 70°C and 90°C rated non-draining compound
• We can formulate custom grades to meet your viscosity needs.

Bare Overhead Conductor Application
Both Lithium Complex and Organophillic clay based greases to prevent
corrosion in bare overhead high-voltage conductors. Conductors made of
aluminum, zinc, and steel are well-protected for continuous operation.
- Cold pumped and applied
- Non-dripping
- Efficient fill of conductor interstices
- Water washout resistant including saltwater spray-off environments
- Very good thermal, oxidative, and structural degradation at elevated temperatures

Typical Properties
NLGI Grade 2
Water Washout ASTM D1264 <5% @ 80C
Water Spray Resistance ASTM D4049 <15%
Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D4048 1A
Rust Prevention ASTM D5969 Pass
Salt Spray Corrosion Test ASTM B117 Pass
5 gal. pail, 55 gal. steel drum, or one-way totes.

Soltex Acetylene Black (AB) has structural properties offering high dispersion rates and high electrical conductivity. Soltex AB imparts semi-conductive properties to polymers typically used for cable screen filling and shielding. Polymer master-batches containing Soltex AB offer an effective way of delivering semi-conductive metrics to cable polymers.

Compounds that provide cable insulation and block water ingress into telecommunications, fiber optic, and co-axial cable constructions.
- Cable flooding compounds applied to outer conductor core, metal armor, and between polymeric sheath layers
- Cable filling compounds that fill interstitial spaces of paired copper telecommunication cable

Formulated synthetic hydrocarbon fluids and wax/polymer blends that provide oxidation inhibition and prevent moisture ingress in telecom cables.
Excellent moisture barrier and oxidation resistance. Assures dielectric properties for optimum telecom/fiber optic cable performance and provides good compatibility with polymers used in cable construction and termination enclosures.
Cable Flood Grades
Naptel 310
Naptel 500
Naptel 5116
Cable Fill Grade
Soltexfill ETPR
All Naptel grades are used for flooding of cable cores, over armor and between insulation layers.
“ETPR” strippable, low viscosity, filling compound used to prevent water ingress in twisted pair telecom cables.

Product Information:
Products/Services: Substation Equipment and Services
Transformer Equipment and Maintenance
Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Services
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