Northstar Battery Company LLC
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Northstar Battery Company LLC
4000 Continental Way
Springfield, MO  65803
United States
Phone: 417-575-8200
Fax: 417-575-8250
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Company Description:

NorthStar battery is more than just a battery company. We are a global leader in designing, manufacturing and deploying an innovative range of batteries and energy storage solutions across the globe. Our batteries, cabinets and storage systems are of the highest quality to ensure the most reliable power while maintaining low total cost and minimal environmental impact.

Our pursuit of innovation, dedication and technical expertise is what sets us apart and enables us to create a wide range of advanced batteries and energy storage solutions.  We are committed to minimizing our effect on the environment and continue to develop sustainable practices for our business and for our customers.

NorthStar products are used in Energy Storage Systems, Telecom Power Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Engine Start applications in more than 150 countries. Delivering reliable and sustainable power to the world is what we are all about.

Established in 2000, NorthStar now has over 600 employees worldwide, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and major operations in USA, China and the Middle East. In addition, NorthStar has distribution and service centers in Latin America, Europe, Africa and APAC. Our manufacturing plants in the US are the most advanced lead-acid battery manufacturing facilities in the world, with a strong focus on sustainability and protecting the environment.

Why choose NorthStar advanced lead acid battery products?

  • Lower environmental impact
  • Lower operating costs
  • Longer product life
  • Higher power density
  • Fewer battery replacements

Product Information:
NorthStar offers a unique range of products customized to deliver high performance in a variety of conditions. Our battery systems last longer and recharge faster than other lead acid manufacturers; cutting operating costs, reducing waste and preventing downtime. Their innovative design delivers superior energy density and 95% of each battery can be recycled. We are always innovating and improving our products based on customer feedback and industry demand and never compromise on quality or envi

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Products/Services: Energy Storage Equipment and Services
Outage Management Equipment and Services
Renewable Energy Products and Services
Smart Grid Solutions
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