ClearWorld LLC
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ClearWorld LLC
Larry Tittle
1613 Justin Road
Metairie, LA  70006
United States
Phone: 855-786-5331
Toll-Free: 1-855-SUN-LED1
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Company Description:

ClearWorld is a leader in Solar LED Lighting and Smart City solutions. We harness the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source available—solar energy—to provide outdoor lighting that preserves resources, requires no moving parts, and is virtually maintenance-free. Using our patented RetroFlex solution, we design and retrofit energy-efficient systems that reduce utility operating and maintenance costs in pursuit of grid independence. Installation of a RetroFlex unit is a quick process that accompanies a 10 year warranty and also eliminates significant costs incurred for new streetlight installations such as trenching and wiring.

RetroFlex is ClearWorld’s answer to anyone needing to modernize and incorporate solar LED lighting while using existing infrastructure. Using our Universal adjustable banding process, the flexible solar panels allow the unit to be fitted to poles of any size, shape, diameter or material. The unit’s components—which include wiring, smart solar charger, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and wireless controls which are all housed within the solar array, creating a sleek look free from pole clutter.

Smart cities are in need of sustainable, resilient energy solutions. ClearWorld aims to provide Utilities and Municipals the choices they are looking for as they move closer to achieving their sustainability goals. Our RetroFlex technology serves as the final piece of the puzzle in creating a 100% sustainable project.

ClearWorld's solar LED solutions are not only capable of producing more power for the grid but at a lowered cost. RetroFlex withstands high storm winds, thanks to our patented, aerodynamically engineered solar system. In addition to our core offering, for a smarter grid we can provide ancillary services or smart city applications such as crime cameras, license plate recognition, EPA/weather monitoring service, traffic counting, Micro-grid services or just emergency battery back-up in the events of natural disasters. When the grid goes down, our battery storage system becomes the foundation of resiliency and public safety as we keep your system running.

At ClearWorld, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader while continually commit to evolving with emerging technologies.

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