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Naval Company and the Meininger family have been manufacturing and selling Bridger Line Throwing Gun Kits since 1940. The company is a woman-owned business that was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1976, and remains operating near Philadelphia. Line gun kits, line throwing supplies, and durable high quality low-stretch rope are available direct from Naval Company or through authorized dealers. Noe matter where a cusotmer purchaes, the company makes accessibility and support a top priority and encourages phone calls or e-mails with any question.

For over 75 years, and still today the company is proud that their products are reliable, high quality, and made in the U.S.A. In addition to being reliably used for life saving, it has become the #1 go to line gun for transmission line construction across North America. There are plenty of other applications, but if you have to get a cable from one side of a river or ravine to the other, it’s a lot less expensive than a helicopter! Naval Company is committed to ensuring their customers will always have the Bridger supplies necessary to accomplish those stringing, cabling or other tasks in logistically difficult areas.

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How? The line gun shoots a projectile that pulls a lightweight line across the span. Once the span is bridged, a heavier line is then attached and pulled across. The Bridger line gun will carry a shot line nearly 500’ with the standard shot line and up to 700 feet with other shot lines.

Product Information:
Transmission line construction crews use the Bridger™ Line Gun Ki when they reach an obstruction that prevents one from easily transporting a line from point A to point B. The most common challenges include:
Poison oak thicket
Tidal mud flat
Rugged cliff
Steep unstable slope

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