American Microgrid Solutions
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American Microgrid Solutions
114 S. Washington St.
Easton, MD  21601
United States
Phone: 443-496-2977
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Company Description:

American Microgrid Solutions develops turnkey power solutions that enhance resiliency, security, savings and sustainability. We support mission-critical municipal operations including:

    •    Utilities
    •    Police
    •    Fire & Rescue
    •    Emergency Medical Service
    •    Hospitals
    •    Public Works
    •    Emergency Shelters
    •    Schools
    •    Telecommunications

American Microgrid Solutions works with each community partner to identify mission-critical operations, existing sources of power supply and areas of vulnerability for which a microgrid will provide essential support.  We then design a modular solution, scaled and phased to meet the needs, timing and resources of the communities we serve.

Mission: Strengthen communities and their critical infrastructure by deploying microgrids that enhance resiliency, security, savings and sustainability.
Vision: Microgrids in every community maintain mission-critical operations while, collectively, reducing air pollution, cost and energy waste nationwide. 
Innovation—Create new tools and continuously improve existing ones to solve problems.
Reliability—Build and maintain the reliable infrastructure that is the foundation of all successful communities.
Resilience—Strengthen ourselves to weather the storms of nature, man and economy.
Balance—Balance perspectives, input, models and motivations to derive lasting and effective solutions. 
Stewardship—Protect, restore and improve the communities and the surrounding environment whose care we have been entrusted.

Products/Services: Distributed Generation
Energy Storage Equipment and Services
Renewable Energy Products and Services
Smart Grid Solutions
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