N-Dimension Solutions Inc
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N-Dimension Solutions Inc
15305 Dallas Parkway
Suite 300
Addison, TX  75001
United States
Phone: 905-707-8884
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Company Description:

N-Dimension offers managed cybersecurity services tailored to protect utility communication networks and end points from cyber threats, improving system reliability and safeguarding critical infrastructure, data and assets. Our N-Sentinel solutions are uniquely designed to protect both operations (SCADA, AMI, DA, etc.) and IT networks, providing essential vigilance, visibility and intelligence.

With utilities deploying a range of smart grid applications connected to wired and wireless networks, the risk of cybersecurity threats has dramatically increased. At the same time, the threat landscape continues to evolve with an increasing number and breadth of threats. Utilities require ongoing vigilance at the network perimeter as well as within their networks to reduce cyber risks.

To meet this need, N-Dimension offers its N-Sentinel managed cybersecurity services for utilities that helps meet a portion of NERC compliance:

N-Sentinel Monitoring - continuously monitors network traffic, detecting and alerting on cybersecurity threats. Includes detailed insights into risks and guidance on mitigation. A secure web-based portal is easily accessible that provides detailed reports and data about threats as well as insights into threats affecting the utility community. Cybersecurity experts are available to answer questions and assist customers via phone and email.

N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment - delivers on-demand assessment of endpoint devices connected to the network detecting latent vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications and providing insight into the cybersecurity issues. Actionable threat intelligence is available via a secure web portal and reports provide data on security risks. Cybersecurity experts are accessible via email or phone and offer guidance on appropriate actions to mitigate risks.

N-Dimension is an associate member of the APPA and exclusive cybersecurity partner of Hometown Connections.


Products/Services: IT Services
NERC Compliance
Security Equipment and Services, Cyber
Smart Grid Solutions
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