PReP Intl - Prequalified Ready Employees for Power Intl.
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PReP Intl - Prequalified Ready Employees for Power Intl.
5113 Piper Station Drive
Suite 206
Charlotte, NC  28277
United States
Phone: 704.752.6414
Fax: 704.752.4224
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Company Description:

Executive Search, Recruiting, Organization Development Consulting

Company Mission

PReP Intl is an Exec Search Firm and recruiting/talent management company focused on Operations, Engineering and Leadership. PReP Intl understands quality and speed in deploying expertise in real-time for mission critical roles. Since 2002, PReP Intl leadership has been changing the way energy organizations train. Because there are limits to training, success begins with sourcing and onboarding the right talent. PReP Intl develops a pool of PRequalified professionals, makes them Ready for engagement as employees or interim staff.

Company Overview

PReP Intl provides real-time recruiting and staffing services across the power industry and is recognized as experts in organizational development and talent management risks. We help utilities and HR Teams prioritize and deploy cost-effective staffing and talent management solutions - especially in mission critical, hard to fill roles. Using an extensive global network, PReP Intl connects professionals, grads, veterans, schools, institutions of higher learning and associations to reduce the risks and costs of recruiting, hiring and maintaining compliance. 


Products/Services: Human Resources
Recruiting and Talent Management
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