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E3 Consulting
Don Hurd
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E3 Consulting, LLC is a broad-based energy consulting firm located in Denver, Colorado, with offices in the metro New York area, Montana, and Texas.  Since 1999, E3 has been providing technical and strategic business advisory services to the energy industry and is familiar with the issues facing the public power sector.  E3 has specific experience in electric generation and transmission planning, energy project feasibility studies, project development, permitting and regulatory compliance, project financing and construction and generating plant operations. 


Rapid changes in the energy industry have enabled E3 to assemble a team of senior energy and environmental consultants to provide technical advisory services to lenders, owners and developers of energy projects, process facilities, municipal utilities and investor-owned utility companies.  E3’s staff has been providing independent engineering and owner’s engineering services and working in the energy and environmental industries for an average of over 25 years.  We are adept at quantifying risk and reward and providing sound support for strategic decisions as we help clients maintain project and business profitability and reliability.  Serving in a variety of roles for clients across the spectrum of industry, E3’s staff has gained specialized knowledge of, and unique perspectives on, U.S. power markets and utility businesses.  This specialized knowledge is deployed on helping owners and prospective owners of generation, transmission, and distribution assets make sound investment and business decisions in the context of long-term visions and strategies.  


Extended Description:


E3 offers the following services for utilities and regulators:


Generation and Transmission

  • Asset Valuation/M & A Advisory Services 
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Energy Business Decision Support
  • Environmental Compliance Analysis
  • Electric Transmission Studies
  • Environmental Permiting
  • Feasibility and Due Diligence
  • O & M Practices Review/Enhancement
  • Power Purchase Agreement Development - Pro Forma Development - Regulatory Risk Impact Assessments (Environmental and Market) - Technology Selection


Distribution Business

  • Energy Business Decision Support
  • Capacity Cost & Risk Management Services
  • Grid Modernazation Road Mapping/Business Planning


We manage each of our engagements through a rigorous project management approach, which includes periodic verbal updates with our clients and weekly written progress reports. Additional information regarding E3’s service offerings can be found below:


Due Diligence

Due diligence entails the independent analysis of the technological, engineering, commercial, regulatory, and environmental aspects of a project.  A key portion of E3’s business is to review energy projects and prepare Independent Engineer’s (IE) due diligence reports that are thorough, well documented, clear, and understandable so that they can be taken to the bank or other lenders in support of project financing.  The nature of our client constituency requires our reporting to be clear, concise, free of unnecessary technical jargon and understandable to bankers, lawyers, and other non-technical people.  Many of these engagements have included reviews of innovative technologies.


We believe that whether the client is a lender or sponsor, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the relationships between a project’s many components to effectively minimize the inevitable risks arising from technical and financial assumptions related to the construction and operation of the facility. E3 has developed strong, continuing relationships with trustees, rating agencies, and major institutional investors. The E3 team has performed due diligence reviews for commercial bank loans and bond financings for many energy projects. We have participated in many presentations to the rating agencies (Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch) as well as “road show” presentations to potential investors. Due diligence can be performed at any stage of the project, including pre-finance, acquisition, refinance, and divestiture.


Creditor Advisory

E3 provides strategic advice for projects that have been impacted by the economic downturn, leading to bankruptcy, financial reorganization, and other complex business scenarios. When these events occur in the energy sector, the complexity added by the facility, deal structure, and market circumstances require specialized talent. 


In providing advisory services in connection with turnaround and renewal situations, E3 takes a proactive approach, where the emphasis is on maximizing “going concern” value for its clients.  To achieve this objective, we build on our technical strengths to facilitate cost-effective and timely decision making, thereby seeking to avoid the expense and lost opportunity associated with delayed action. 


Project Development Assistance

Once a site has been located, financing has been put-in-place, and environmental and regulatory approvals have been secured, the crucial project development phase begins.  E3 supports clients though this phase, which includes initial contract development and negotiation, technical advice as you plan, design, and launch the project, environmental permitting support, and overall monitoring of the construction process. E3 also provides services to utilities to assist them with their resource planning efforts.  We have worked with capital providers, owners, developers, and contractors to develop and implement an array of projects.


Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

E3 provides environmental and regulatory services to help clients understand their risks and comply with current laws and regulations. E3’s professionals review projects to determine whether there are potentially sensitive environmental issues that could have an impact on the project.  Our team monitors ever-changing laws, as well as the activities of regulatory bodies, to ensure clients are aware of possible compliance issues before moving forward, offering the following services:


  • Permitting and Licensing
  • Compliance and Management Systems
  • Climate Change Advisory Services
  • Regulatory Advisory Services


Valuations and Appraisals

New legislation, oversupply, fuel type, and aging facilities are just a few reasons that owners, lenders, and other vested parties may have questions about the underlying value of their electric generating assets. Rapidly changing markets have also opened the door to non-traditional investors. Valuations and appraisal engagements are complex and generally long-lived, frequently requiring the engagement of sub-consultants. Our comprehensive project management approach, including verbal and written progress reporting and presentations, has assured the success of valuation engagements for more than 35,000 MW of power generating assets.



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