CRC, Inc.
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CRC, Inc.
2000 8th St. NW
Austin, MN  55912
United States
Phone: 507-437-2137
Fax: 507-437-2031
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CRC offers utilities across the country seamless contact center and alarm monitoring solutions, including call management, line crew dispatch, AMI/CIS/OMS integration, CRCLink® outage communication software, and alarm monitoring. CRC also offers outage texting services, video monitoring of substations and a PCI compliance solution which utilizes live agents for recorded billing calls. From outage calls to billing calls, disconnects to emergency locates and more, CRC is there for its membership 24/7/365. By partnering with CRC, members find peace of mind as well as a cost-effective solution to their call handling needs. Founded in 1992, CRC has steadily increased the size and scope of its operation with offices in Austin, Minn., Dunlap, Tenn., and Abilene, Texas. 

Extended Description:

Line Crew Dispatch

When our CSRs hang up the phone, it isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning. Our team of dedicated dispatchers coordinates the information to manage your outage event, all while our CSRs continue to take your outage calls. What’s more, our dispatchers are experienced in navigating the complexities of line crew safety, communication, and efficiency. With CRC, you have peace of mind knowing your consumers and crews are in good hands, so you can focus on getting the lights back on.


Looking for ways to increase technology and save? We’ve got a fix for that. At CRC, we’re committed to helping utilities find the e-communication and OMS solutions they need at an affordable price. Our CRCLink software distributes outage and message call information to your staff, all while interfacing with Customer Information Systems (CIS) and Outage Management Systems (OMS). There’s one thing all of our customers have in common: the ability to do more with less. By partnering with CRC, you gain a seamless extension of your operations with one goal—providing world-class service to your consumers. With CRCLink you can do just that: call handling, outage management, and reporting. Working together, we can improve the efficiency of your business now and for years to come.

Central Station

Founded in 1992, CRC’s Central Station provides security, environmental, and medical alarm monitoring services to more than 20,000 subscribers nationwide. CRC holds an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification, the most widely recognized certificate in the industry. CRC also holds a Security Industry Association (SIA) certificate and membership in the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). CRC achieved the CSAA Five Diamond Certificate in early 2011, which requires an advanced level of alarm-handler training. Only seven percent of the central stations in the United States have achieved this recognition.

Video Verification

As the price of copper continues to climb, metal thefts have jumped nearly 1,000% over the past ten years. With CRC’s Central Station and its video verification monitoring products and services, you’ll find an affordable theft prevention solution.
Together with CRC’s Five-Diamond, UL-Certified 24/7 Central Station monitoring, our operators are immediately alerted to an attempted theft in progress.

CRC’s video verification services:

  • Provide video of the theft in progress

  • Deliver real-time apprehensions, not reruns on a DVR

  • Alert police to a real “crime in progress” instead of a false alarm

  • Stop future thieves in their tracks

Just one deterred theft pays for the entire system.

Products/Services: Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Outage Management Equipment and Services
Security Equipment and Services, Physical
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