Preformed Line Products
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Preformed Line Products
John Jones
Global Headquarters
660 Beta Drive
Mayfield Village, OH  44143
United States
Phone: 440-461-5200
Fax: 440-442-8816
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About Preformed Line Products

Preformed Line Products (PLP) is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality cable anchoring and control hardware systems, fiber optic and copper splice closures, and high-speed cross-connect devices.

PLP's core markets are divided into five distinct categories: communications, energy, special industries, solar, and inspection services. Our customer base includes telecommunications network operators, cable television and broadband service providers, power utilities, corporations and enterprise networks, government agencies and educational institutions. We also serve several specialized industries under our special industries and solar market categories.

PLP has been providing innovative product and service solutions to the electric power utility industry since 1947. The company offers solutions for supporting, protecting, terminating, and splicing transmission and distribution lines. PLP also offers a full array of products for OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) and ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) fiber optic cables, which are commonly used to monitor and control power networks. Recently introduced is PLP Inspection Services. This service provides save and efficient utility asset evaluations utilizing PLP's 70 years of industry and engineering experience.

PLP delivers added value to its customers through industry expertise and unparalleled customer support.  This is what helps make Preformed Line Products “The connection you can count on."


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Industry Solutions For:

Utility Applications – Smart Grid
Transmission, Distribution and Fiber Optics
Solar Hardware

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  • 12" (30.5 cm) and 16" (40.6 cm) diameter sizes
  • Available with hanger brackets for either lashed messenger cable systems or ADSS
  • Vertical stacking of multiple cables provides large storage capacity in a small profile
  • Abrasion Protectors or Uni-Group Cable Guide are offered as pole pass options for cable slack against the pole
Product Information:
The FIBERLIGN® In-Span Storage (FIS) System is designed to make aerial slack cable storage faster and easier. During installation, the cable is clipped into the tabs and the storage bracket is pulled into its final position at the back of the cable loop. The cable is secure and the installer's hands are free to apply cable ties.

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Products/Services: Broadband/Communications Equipment & Services
Communication Equipment and Services
Engineering Services
Manufacturers/Equipment Distributors
Mapping, GIS
Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Services
Vegetation Management
Wildlife Mitigation
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