Three D Metals, Inc.
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Three D Metals, Inc.
Sarah Vachon
Williams Metals Division
5462 Innovation Dr.
Valley City, OH  44280
United States
Phone: 877-499-1544
Fax: 610-225-0208
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Company Description:

Three D Metals, Inc. Williams Metals and Welding Alloys Division specializes in the processing and distribution of copper and aluminum electrical grade alloys for the power generation, transmission, and distribution industries. Our eight locations provide an opportunity to best service our customers in the automotive, power generation, appliance, construction and mining industries.

We provide aluminum and copper bus bar for the switchgear and transformers markets. Bus bar is available in bare, silver plate, and tin plate finishes. Copper pipe and aluminum pipe are stocked and delivered to job sites for substation supplication. Seamless aluminum pipe is available in up to 50’ lengths.

Aluminum wire and silver brazing alloys are available in rod, reel and spool packaging.

Three D Metals, Inc

Ph: 800-362-9905

Fax: 330-220-0471

Products/Services: Substation Equipment and Services
Transformer Equipment and Maintenance
Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Services
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