MinMax Technologies, Inc.
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MinMax Technologies, Inc.
Nand Singh
15950 Dallas Parkway, Suite 400
Dallas, TX  75248
United States
Phone: 972-980-0000
Fax: 972-499-7205
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SMART is a Substation Maintenance and Asset Reliability Tracking tool designed by utility industry professionals.  It is a complete asset management and inspection system for transmission, substation, and distribution assets.  Our customers have anywhere from two to 300+ substations and the system can support several thousand transmission and distribution structures.  This allows utilities of all sizes to achieve superior asset performance at lower operating costs while fulfilling NERC and other regulatory compliances in a timely manner.

How does MinMax SMART do this for you?

  • Rapid deployment using a comprehensive configurable library of utility asset types, inspection questions and results, data fields, and manufacturers based on best industry practices developed by IEEE, RUS, and NETA.
  • Flexible user-defined inspection and test data collection forms for scheduled and unscheduled inspections, work orders, and service calls.
  • Cyber secure cloud environment hosted by Microsoft Azure or on utility’s in-house server.
  • Ability to operate, with or without internet, in a cyber secure cloud environment on laptops, iPads, and tablets.
  • Ability to perform inspections in the field with instant access to historical information including pictures and comments for each question.
  • An integrated document management system for all equipment items complete with documents, drawings, manuals, pictures, training videos, and test reports
  • Instantly alert supervisors and inspectors about abnormal inspection and work order situations with pictures.
  • Automatically generate scheduled inspections based on schedule templates for different frequencies and inspection types.
  • Ability to create users and user groups based on their roles and responsibilities to perform different functions.
  • Tracking of equipment movement, changes in nameplate data, active and inactive status, and replacement by other equipment.
  • A Dashboard display with ability to retrieve all asset related inspection and maintenance data with measurable performance metrics.
  • Print 25+ pre-defined reports with added capability to export all asset, inspection and test data in Excel and PDF formats.
  • Fast import and export of bulk substation, equipment, and data fields using Excel.
  • Fast GIS-based (Google or esri) inspections for outside the fence equipment (i.e. line devices, poles, and transmission structures).
  • Create and follow safety and major maintenance on-line procedures based on proven or NERC-compliant practices
  • Interface with utility’s in-house systems to for synchronizing data such as WOs, GIS data, budget amounts, etc.
  • Interface with 3rd party systems such as TOA4 for DGA analysis etc.
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SMART Testimonials

It’s great to have been able to find a product that suits our needs for asset management and beyond.  On top of that, having such great people to work with is icing on the cake!  MinMax service is one of the things that makes SMART such a great product.  It gets people interested and the service makes us want to spread the word. 

Mark Ramsey, Substation Superintendent, 2017,
N.W. Electric Power Coop, Inc., Cameron, MO


MinMax SMART enables Power Industry specialists to customize their questions and tailor the program to fit their specific application.  Garland Power and Light has used MinMax for about 6 months.  In this short time, we have managed to successfully run and log over 100,000 questions; action that is improbable with the old pen-and-paper method.

George Beck, Relay Supervisor, 2015,
Garland Power & Light; Garland, TX


“To find an inspection software that keeps the field crew as well as the office happy is rare, to also find one as reasonably priced as SMART is just the answer we were looking for.”

Tiffany Turo, GIS Analyst, 2014
Central Electric Coop, Inc. Redmond, OR


“As the process of developing the software has helped us find unreported problems in the system that could have caused significant damage, the system is already beginning to pay for itself.”

Dustin Deel, Assistant Director IT, 2012,
City of Weatherford; TX


SMART Featured Five Times in Magazines

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SMART Benefits

  • Organization of substation and equipment data along with all the inspection and test forms and their accessibility from one location.
  • Configurable libraries of equipment types, inspection questions, responses, manufacturers provide rapid deployment and use
  • Assistance with equipment data preparation and loading by MinMax experts
  • Instant review of scheduled and unscheduled inspections, work orders, and service calls for all equipment items instantly using a dashboard view
  • Easy to retrieve and prepare data needed for compliance reporting
  • Intuitive interface like a social media application on smart phones - hence easy to use with minimal or no training
  • Affordable pricing and measurable time savings


Minimize Your Inspection Pain - Maximize Your Performance Gain

15950 Dallas Parkway, Suite 400

Dallas, Texas 75248, USA;  Tel: 972-980-0000

Products/Services: Mobile Workforce Management
NERC Compliance
Substation Equipment and Services
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