Exceleron Software
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Exceleron Software
Bob Finley
8144 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 905
Dallas, TX  75231
United States
Phone: 972-852-2704
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Company Description:

Exceleron is North America’s leading utility prepay and payment service company, with over 60 utility customers and 300,000 active consumers served. To date, Exceleron’s MyUsage® suite of applications has been utilized by electric, water and gas utilities to recover $10s of millions in debt, process more than $500 million in payments while helping consumers practice energy conservation and eliminate nearly $1 billion in service connection and late fees. Consumers have more access to detailed information about their energy consumption and greater control over the amount, frequency and methods of payment. This increases customer choice, improves customer satisfaction and significantly lowers financial risk for utilities. For more information about the MyUsage, visit

Product Information:

Service Offering and Product Description:

Exceleron’s MyUsage is a configurable and scalable suite of prepay applications that can be used as a standalone application or integrated into the utility’s existing web and/or mobile application.

MyUsage Prepay – calculates the user’s daily usage and enables customers to manage their accounts via smartphone app, web portal, or IVR. With MyUsage, customers can view their current balance and estimated remaining days’

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Products/Services: CIS/Billing Equipment and Services
Data Management Systems
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Prepaid Solutions Provider
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