iiX Employment Screening Services
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iiX Employment Screening Services
1716 Briarcrest, Suite 200
Bryan, TX  77802
United States
Phone: 800-683-8553
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Company Description:

iiX provides employment screening services you can count on. Services include Motor Vehicle Records/driver histories (MVRs), DriverSafe driver management and analysis, DriverAdvisor monitoring, nationwide criminal background checks, Social Security Number (SSN) verification, Employment and Education Verification, and DOT Employment Verification.

At iiX, we know that having a trustworthy, competent staff is essential to the success of your organization. It's important that you know who you're hiring. A prospective employee may be the picture of professionalism, but have a past that could be detrimental to your future. iiX's employment screening services provide an easy, reliable way to protect you and your business. We can help you reduce recruiting time and avoid costly hiring mistakes. After all, you can be held liable for the actions of your employees. Our suite of employee screening services can provide you with the data essential to make more informed employment decisions, for both prospective and current employees. At iiX, we can help take the guesswork out of hiring.

Our easy-to-use ExpressNet online service provides instant reports with helpful input screens. With products specialized to help manage your drivers, you can easily keep track of and view analyses such as MVR scoring and driver's license status updates on your driver pool. Monthly monitoring of drivers with our DriverAdvisor service also helps you maintain safe drivers within your organization. Have a question for our staff? Simply click the Live Chat button on our website and you are quickly connected with a live person to help answer your questions.

Our customer service is among the best in our industry. From Sales to Support and Compliance, iiX is committed to providing quick, responsive service.

For more information on how iiX can assist your HR, fleet and risk management efforts, call 800-683-8553, visit/chat at, or email

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