MasTec North America, Inc.
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MasTec North America, Inc.
362 Old Durham Road
Roxboro, NC  27573
United States
Phone: 336-599-9441
Fax: 336-599-1862
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Company Description: MasTec Energy Group Nationwide, electric utilities face replacement of billions of dollars worth of aging transmission and substation infrastructure. An estimated 70 percent of the nation's transmission lines and substations are 25 years or older and 60 percent of the circuit breakers are more than 30 years old, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Meanwhile, electric generation and consumption has more than doubled during the past 30 years and is continuing to grow. Innovative strategies and resources are needed to keep pace with electric demand, infrastructure replacement, and complex environmental and business regulations. MasTec, a leading nationwide electric utility infrastructure provider, enables municipalities, investor-owned utilities (IOU), cooperatives and government-owned utilities to execute multi-year work plans to replace aging transmission infrastructure and meet RPS standards with wind and solar energy generating systems. Our groups are well equipped with the necessary experience, financial strength and resources to do the job right. They are diverse enough to cover all aspects of your project, but specialized individually within themselves to be leaders in their industries. MasTec's Energy Group is working shoulder-to-shoulder with electric utilities to provide transmission, distribution and substations services. MasTec distribution services include: * Overhead & Underground Construction * Duct Bank Construction * Street Lighting * Directional Drilling * Storm Restoration MasTec has the ability to perform construction services including EPC (Engineer -Procure - Construct) for transmission, substation or wind energy systems. The company's transmission division erects wood, steel, single-pole and H-frame, concrete and steel lattice towers spanning several miles to more than 100 miles nationwide. Using mats and helicopters to access remote and environmentally sensitive areas, and working in sub-zero weather for weeks on end, MasTec transmission crews are focused and dedicated on replacing or installing new transmission lines up to 500 kV. MasTec Energy also provides specialized bare-hand transmission crews for high-voltage transmission installation and maintenance services. Working in cities, suburbs and along rural roads, MasTec crews install and maintain distribution systems for electric utilities. When severe weather destroys transmission and distribution systems, MasTec crews are standing by, ready to deploy crews and begin repairing systems and restoring service. Three Phase Line Construction Company MasTec also goes to market with Three Phase Line Construction, a transmission and distribution company providing turnkey construction solutions for utility clients. Three Phase brings a dedicated transmission line construction team with the necessary equipment and specialized experience to complete large, complicated transmission line, substation, distribution and wind projects.
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