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Laura Steinbrink
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Company Description:

Brilliency’s enterprise-scale technology platform helps transform US electric, gas and water utilities by easily connecting them with customers. The platform’s mobile and web applications streamline communications and transactions with business and residential customers.

Whether or not the utility has existing web-portals, online bill-pay or has deployed smart meters, Brilliency’s modular design brings the utility into the palm of the customer’s hand.  It is designed to enhance existing digital assets, bolt-on to current technology and move utilities forward.  With Brilliency, utilities give customers data they want, how and when they want it:  now.

Brilliency helps utilities:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase adoption of regulated programs and services
  • Speed deployment of demand response programs
  • Drive resource efficiency

Brilliency has successfully demonstrated customer adoption. Utility customers use Brilliency because of the power of real-time feedback, the convenience of mobile devices and the ability to reduce their utility costs.

With Brilliency, utilities build deeper relationships with customers and generate unique consumer behavior data.  Brilliency helps utilities take steps towards next generation resource-related transactions, including microgrid and carbon-reduction credit tokenization.

Utilities buy a license to the Brilliency platform and their customers use the customer-facing web and mobile applications to manage their accounts.  Cleveland Public Power, the nation’s 29th largest municipal utility pioneered Brilliency’s launch in 2017 with its v1 web platform.

Key features of the v2 platform include:

  • Web and mobile assets
  • Billpay platform
  • Integrated text, email and in-app messaging
  • Customer segmenting
  • Outage / leak / issue reporting
  • Customer support & feedback tickets
  • Admin portal with multi-user accessibility
Product Information:
Brilliency helps utilities:
Reduce operating costs
Meet regulatory requirements
Drive resource efficiency

The platform helps streamline communications and transactions between utilities and all of their customers.

Key features include:

Bill pay
Integrated text, email and in-app messaging
Outage / leak / issue reporting
Customer support & feedback tickets

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