Quest Controls, Inc.
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Quest Controls, Inc.
208 9th Street Dr. West
Palmetto, FL  34221
United States
Phone: 800-373-6331
Fax: 941-729-5480
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Company Description:

Quest offers both monitoring equipment and software solutions for Utility Substations and Remote Sites. With the rapidly changing CIP requirements, Quest products and software assist you to step up your cyber and physical security monitoring to meet CIP requirements.

Quest applications include full environmental monitoring, power monitoring including Commercial Power, DC Plants, BDFB, Inverters, Generators, ATS, UPS, Power Meters, and Electrical Distribution Panels, and tower light monitoring. SNMP traps/gets are sent to NOC’s and email alarm messaging sent to MSO Staff.

The Quest solutions feature:

  • RTU Remote Monitoring and Control of Substation devices
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
  • Management of the Integration of Information Technology
  • Enhancing the visibility of the substations
  • Access control
  • Temperature & humidity monitoring
  • HVAC failure monitoring
  • HVAC intelligent Lead/Lag Control
  • Commercial power monitoring
  • Generator & ATS monitoring
  • UPS monitoring
  • DC plant, BDFB, inverter, fuse panel monitoring
  • Electrical distribution panel monitoring
  • Fire management system/smoke monitoring
  • Toxic and explosive gas monitoring
  • Door access control and intrusion monitoring
  • Tower light monitoring
  • Battery cell & string monitoring
Product Information:
OspreyDCM allows users to quickly and efficiently monitor large volumes of power equipment through a refined intuitive interface, hosting a robust set of features for unlimited monitoring and alarming of PDUs, DC Plants, UPSs and other SNMP enabled equipment. The customizable dashboard rolls up data from the building level down to the outlet, personalizing metric delivery for each user. Auto-discovery tools facilitate connecting directly to power systems and commissioning within minutes.

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